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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Do Plus-Sized Models Lose Weight In Heaven?

Dear Readers:

This may seem like a silly thing to talk about, but my friend and I had a sizzling debate last night in our dorm room here at Edgar Poe Community College. It was about Heaven.

Okay, here goes: I think that if a tragedy strikes a plus-sized model--for example, getting killed in a car accident--she enters Heaven weighing the same as she did on Earth.

On the other hand, my friend believes that if a youth is accidentally killed, she enters Heaven at her ideal weight. In other words, a size 22 model will slim down to a size 2--like magic, I guess--the instant she passes through the Gates of Heaven. The opposite would happen to an anorexic model.

I'd like to hear your opinions, dear readers. Which one of us is right??

Dawnlee Hope, Jr.
Undergraduate Student