Edgar Allan Poe Community College

Edgar Allan Poe Community College
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Diverse Student Body

In addition to a world-class faculty, the school has a diverse array of eager, attentive students and “friends of EAPCC.” Here’s a snapshot:

Dawnlee Hope, Jr.:
Undergraduate Student
Dream Interpretation Studies

Bubbly, enthusiastic Dawnlee, 19, writes luridly depressing dream interpretations for Ask Doc Paranormal, the school publication. To support herself, Dawn and her identical twin brother Dan craft unpredictable, custom-made Ouija Boards, including a prototype that spells out vulgarities in answer to any question.

Dan Lee Hope, Jr.
Undergraduate Student
Conspiracy Theories Studies

Dawnlee’s identical twin, Dan reports on breaking conspiracy theories for Ask Doc Paranormal when not conducting required teacher-assigned investigations to earn his degree. He and Dawnlee often exchange identities.

Lloyce in Michigan
Friend of EAPCC

Lloyce, a 500-pound housebound psychic and “emotional sponge” with the extraordinary ability to completely immerse herself in the feelings of other people from the comforts of her reinforced couch, is a frequent contributor to Ask Doc Paranormal. She also has exciting adventures of her own, via her “skinny inner self,” which she is able to send to exotic locales worldwide.

James in Roseburg
Friend of EAPCC

Rugged Oregon logger and top paranormal talent—but only when wearing women’s panties. Like Clark Kent disrobing in a phone booth, James has to change into panties in a concealed place before he can crack an urgent case.

Heatherleen Glade:
Registered Past-Life Therapist

A welcome addition to the EAPCC faculty and student body both, Heatherleen, 24, maintains a private practice in a subdivided Victorian house above a vegan café. Her office is in a converted bathroom complete with claw-footed tub she keeps filled with scented dry flowers. It is here that Heatherleen helps her clients find their past lives. Then, in a unique form of group therapy, she mediates any conflicts that crop up between the multiple and often contentious individuals, past and present. She’s also a fierce advocate of the controversial “Historical Present” theory that one should consult their past lives when making current decisions.

Reeza “Left Eye” Duprei
Undergraduate Student
General Paranormal Studies

Twenty-two-year-old daughter of faculty member Andrei Duprei, Reeza’s exotic Slavic beauty is marred by a jagged scar over her left eye incurred under murky circumstances that Reeza is obsessed with piecing together. One frightening possibility is that her father was involved; Andrei hates that Reeza consorts with lowly, Tarot card reading gypsies.

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